A career in care management offers flexibility and the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of older adults and their families. We often get questions from people interested in care management work and have compiled the following brief FAQ list:

What background do I need to become a geriatric care manager?

Geriatric care managers come from a variety of backgrounds, including nursing, social work, human services, gerontology, and psychology. Care managers work with older adults, individuals with disabilities, and their families to find the best solutions to address the physical, social, emotional, and financial challenges that come with aging and chronic illness.

What does a care manager actually do?

Care managers assess their clients’ needs and help them (and their family members) navigate health care issues and barriers. Care managers provide guidance, support, and practical recommendations on everything from home health care to state and federal entitlement programs. Every day is different for a care manager because each client is unique. Care managers learn about community, state, and federal resources that their clients can use, and help their clients maintain or improve their desired quality of life.

What kind of flexibility is there in terms of weekly hours?

Some care managers are just starting out in their careers and want to work full-time, some are looking for a career change, and others are retired or semi-retired but still want to work part-time. The wonderful thing about care management is that it can meet the needs of qualified people in any stage of their working lives.

Whether you are a nurse who wants more flexibility and control over your schedule, a working parent with a social work background who wants to scale back, or a retiree who isn’t quite ready to leave the workforce, becoming a care manager may be the ideal solution.

What is the outlook for a career as a geriatric care manager?

It’s very bright, indeed. There is a national shortage of geriatric care expertise, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that employment of health care managers in general will grow 17% between 2014 – 2024 because of the aging population.[1]

Want to know more?

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[1] https://learn.org/articles/Geriatric_Care_Manager_Salary_and_Career_FAQs.html